Welcome to The Story Pastor. We are two pastors that want to provide content and hope for churches today and tomorrow.

Jordan Rimmer is the pastor of Northminster Presbyterian Church in New Castle, PA, husband of Mandy, and father of 4. Chris Thomas is a pastor in the Presbytery of Detroit, husband of Stacy, and father of 4.

Our idea is that as pastors and Christian leaders, we deal in story all the time. We have the Bible story, God’s ongoing story in the world, the church’s story, the community’s story, the story of individual members of the community, and even our own stories. Our job is to weave those stories, to tell better stories, and to tell and live the greatest story ever told.

We hope our content amplifies your community’s story. Check out our first major project, Shadowlands, a Sunday School Curriculum and Worship Series exploring the theme of suffering through story.